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Your future.
  Your choice.

Cost-Free Services in Florence, SC

Confirm Your Pregnancy

If you've taken a home test or are experiencing early pregnancy symptoms and think you may be pregnant, contact us today. 


We provide pregnancy testing and limited ultrasounds to confirm your pregnancy. 

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Explore Your Options

Learn more about the abortion pill, abortion procedures, adoption, pregnancy, parenting, and understand your options in Florence, SC. All consultations are confidential and at no cost to you.


Get the care and answers you need to make an empowered choice.

Find Support

We provide private and professional medical care and support services for women.


Because we believe women deserve to make a decision from a place that does not financially benefit from their choice, we do not charge for our services. 

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Be Empowered

Have questions about morning-after pills, emergency contraceptives, STDs, reproductive health, abortion laws, pregnancy rights, options for minors, or unplanned pregnancy help in South Carolina?  We've got your back.

Contact us today to learn more.

Everyone is so supportive. I love it here!

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